A rEpOrT

To: Alfredo Holgrem

From: Patricia Osses

Date: December 2, 2009

Subject: New Room.

 The aim of this report is to expose the reasons why we need a new common room in the school, where we think it should be and give suggestions about how it could be more comfortable for us.

 First of all we appreciate to present you a list of benefits:

–         It helps us because we have a quiet place to study, if we need it.

–         We would have a place where we can have meetings.

–         It would be a really good place in where we can have lunch.

–         We can share more time as classmates together and with this help one to each other.

 For the reasons offered before we would suggest that this room should be in the eighth floor of the building, because those rooms are the biggest in the building. Here we can count with 3 tables and 6 chairs, with a little library, a microwave, 3 couch and if it’s possible a refrigerator.

In conclusion I would like to stress that the aim of this reports is express you how interest we are in have a new common room. Please take our list of benefits in consideration.


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AsSiGnMeNt 6

Dear editor,

I am writing to tell your readers about my terrible experience at Piccola Italia Restaurant. Last weekend was my friend’s birthday. She loves Italian food, so I took her to Piccola Italia to celebrate her birthday.

As soon as we sat down, a waiter recommended the big triple cheese pizza, saying that it was the best of the restaurant, We ordered one for each one and a few of other dishes . After we had ordered the dishes, we started to feel regret. The slice of pizza that we couldn’t eat had a hair on it. By coincidence the kitchen door was opened and we could look inside clearly. To our surprise, the chef was smoking while preparing food. I could see cigarette ashes falling into the dough, but he seemed not really care.

The treatment we received at Piccola Italia Restaurant is totally unacceptable. As a restaurant they should fall some rules of hygiene.

Poor and bad service is what we found in that Restaurant, I hope the Food and Environmental hygiene department will look into this.

Yours faithfully,

Patricia Osses.

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AnSwEr ThE FoLlOwInG QuEsTiOnS (pauly & patty)

1.- Do you know what greenhouse effect is?

2.- Do you know which country is the most pollutant?

3.- What do you know about global warming?

4.- How would you help to prevent global warming?

5.- Have you ever recycled something? Why?

6.- What do you think about extinction of flora and fauna?

7.- What do you think about alternative solar energy sources?

8.-  Do you know if Chile is doing something to help the environment?

9.-  Do you think that you as a citizen can do something to help?

10.- Can you give us at least 2 alternatives to dissuade people to change their minds and take care of the planet.

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Actually I don’t remember so much the 85’s earthquake, but my parents told me about the experience, so here is the history:

It was march of 1985 and I was 3 month borned, my mother was cooking and my father watching  telly, suddenly the earth start shaking. My mother ran to my bedroom, she took me in her arms and then she try to get out of the house, but before she could even put a feet out of the house my father took her to the kitchen doorframe and the disaster began. They told me that my reaction when everything started falling down from the walls because of the earthquake, wasn’t starting to cry (like you’re soppose to), I start laughing like I’ve never done it before.


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AsSiGnMeNt 5: What can ordinary people do to help in the fight against crime?

Felling insecure is something that has become natural in a community and, face it, it is a relevant problem in today’s society. But this doesn’t mean that ordinary people can do anything in order to prevent crime. People may change their minds to wonder how can they help to prevent crime in their community.

One of the keys of ordinary members of society helping to prevent crime in their communities is to take responsibility for that community. This means that your parents need to be sure where you are at all times, with whom and what you are doing. Remember that is just to take care of you.
Furthermore, taking responsibility may mean joining some kind of local group to improve the neighborhood in you live. In order to do this you could do something such as recover a desert garden. Don’t worry about your age, help is always needed.
So please, remember is not necessary to have a costume hidden underneath your clothes, you can be a superhero just by doing little things to help you, your family and your community. Just do it!

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Dear Natty,

I haven’t hear from you in a really long time, and I miss you a lot. The worst thing is I didn’t know that you’ve traveled to Spain with your husband for vacations.

My vacations was good, not as yours but it wasn’t bad, I went to camping with whole my family, and when I said whole… I mean WHOLE. Can you imagine that there were people that I ever knew in my life until this vacations. The funniest is that one of my classmates is girlfriend of my cousin, and I didn’t know it!!

My mother sends you lots of love, and ask me to tell you that you must come to visit her before her dead. (don’t worry, you know her)

Anyway, your mother tells me that maybe you’re pregnant. If that is true I will be so happy for you, but upset to, because you didn’t tell me. Please, writte soon as you can.

Lots of love,

Patricia Osses.

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CaMp CaLiFoRnIa

Dear Madam,

I’m writing to reply your letter; firstly I would like to say that I truly appreciate your prize.

Secondly, I’m not abel to travel before September because of my studies, I have to finish the exam period first. I will be glad about your understanding.

Refering to the accomodation at Camp, I certanly prefer tents rather than logs because it makes me feel more confortable at nights, because I prefer sleep alone in my tent.

The matter of playing basketball and take some photografies definitly makes me feel exating, because I used to be in a basketball team during the secundary and I’ve been trying to start playing again. Furthermore, photografy is my secret talent.

Finally, I would like to aks if I have to take with me some goods?

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Osses.

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